Friday, 3 June 2011

Weston Point Trailer

Me and a few friends have been working on a short film that is the first part in a mini series called Weston Point. Check out this teaser!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Invaders, No. 16

Written by - Roy Thomas
Pencils by - Jim Mooney
Inks by - Frank Springer
Colours by - Janice Cohen
Letters by - John Costanza

Great cover art here by Jack Kirby featured on The Invaders no. 16 from May 1977. After recently reading Marvels current 'Fear Itself' event I was (again) reminded of Nazis in comic books, to which. The Invaders came to mind; The Invaders generally features many Nazis and this one has the biggest one of all... 

Captain America and Bucky are in London and fail to stop the abduction of American Private 'Biljo White' by a group of Nazis. Biljo White is the writer and artist of fictional comic book 'Major Victory'. Captain America purchases the latest issue as it features the origin of Major Victory which strangely mirrors the Cap's own origins. It is from this story that the Nazis believe its writer, Biljo White, knows the details of the 'Super Soldier Formula'. They travel to Berchtesgaden, Hitlers armoured fortress, in Namor's airship which is stormed by Master Man. Then Hitler arrives...