Thursday, 3 February 2011

Aquaman - No.17

Aquaman No.17 from DC comics was published in 1964;

Cover art - Nick Cardy
Written by - Jack Miller
Pencils and Inks - Nick Cardy

Poseidon; Olympian God of the Sea is provided with 'time pods' that allow him to travel back and forth in time. He uses them to abduct Mera, a woman he wishes to take for  his wife. Aquaman steals one of the time pods and follows Poseidon. A contest is created by Zeus to retreive a golden apple beneath the sea which Aquaman wins. Again, Poseidon takes Mera and so Aquaman, Aqualad and Zeus follow him and get her back. Poseidon vows to mend his ways and is sent back to his normal era.

I particularly like the next scan; there's something mildly erotic about that second panel, or is that just me?

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