Thursday, 27 January 2011

Fantastic Four, No. 67

This issue of the Fantastic Four, issue 67, was published in 1967; written by Stan Lee and drawn by Jack Kirby. When I say written by Stan Lee, I guess it's hard to know exactly how much he actually wrote, but that is a subject that has been discussed a thousand times on internet forums; I personally think he was an integral part of Marvel, however, the majority of the actual stories he was supposed to have written I find to be very hit and miss. The real talent on show here is the work of Jack Kirby, a man who's distinctive style I will be most definitely posting more of in the near future. I love the way Jack Kirby draws the human face, his male characters always look suitably rugged and chiselled, and the women have a strange beauty to them (I think it's in the cheekbones). Also, his use of shadow is very distinctive with large areas of black used to great effect; it usually only takes just one panel to know that it was drawn by Jack Kirby.

This issue also tells the origin of Warlock (Adam Warlock) who is originally known as simply 'Him'. The character is an artificial human created for personal gain and power by the scientific group 'The Enclave'. The Fantastic Four are on the Enclave's island base rescuing Alicia Masters, when 'Him' hatches from his cocoon and destroys the island. Him abandons his masters and departs Earth for space.

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