Tuesday, 11 January 2011

How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way

Originally published  in 1978 was the book every young wannabe comic book creator was waiting for - How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way. Then 10 years later in 1988, Stan (the man) Lee and artist John Buscema released a video which entailed them working through the contents of the book with visual examples drawn by John Buscema himself. The only problem with the programme really is the majority of the drawings are from the book already, and so John Buscema is basically just tracing over them. However, there are a couple of chapters on the video that show him drawing from scratch and they can be found below. The first is from the chapter on how to draw heads, I particularly like the part on drawing the female head (it's much harder, you know!). The second part is the section on how to 'ink' (embedding is disabled for this video).

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