Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Batman 181

Batman 181, June 1966

Written by- Robert Kanigher
Pencils - Sheldon Moldoff
Ink - Joe Giella
Cover art - Carmine Infantino & Murphy Anderson

This issue features the first ever appearance of the character 'Poison Ivy'; yet another foe of Batman's, though this one has an unhealthy obsession with plants, botany and environmentalism; primarily aimed at protecting the natural environment. She uses toxins from plants and mind controlling pheromones for her criminal activities.

Bruce Wayne is attending a pop-art exhibition showing pictures of the 3 most dangerous female criminals in the world; no.1 Dragon Fly, no.2 Silken Spider and no.3 Tiger Moth. Poison Ivy turns up at the exhibition and declares that she is the actual number one most dangerous female criminal; Bruce Wayne is entranced by her beauty. Poison Ivy challenges the top 3 females, who all turn up at a meeting place early with the same idea of using a surprise attack; it turns out it is a trap anyway and all three are knocked out. Batman and Robin arrive on the scene and Poison Ivy tries to 'woo' Batman with her sultry charms, however, he manages to snap out of it and they arrest her.

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