Friday, 15 April 2011

Doctor Strange, No. 1

Written by - Steve Englehart
Pencils by - Frank Brunner
Ink by - Dick Giordano
Cover by - Frank Brunner

Published in June 1974 is issue number 1, Volume 2, of Doctor Strange; featuring Stephen Strange 'Master Of The Mystic Arts'. There are 81 issues in total in volume 2 and throughout the run I would say that the art maintains a very high standard. I find the look of these Doctor Strange issues very appealing due to their psychedelic nature; the page layouts and general movement with the page are always visual stunning and very dynamic; a testament to the quality of Frank Brunner's impeccable skills as a penciller.

The title of this story is 'Through An Orb Darkly' and features the very first appearances of both Agamotto (and Agamotto's Dimension) and Silver Dagger. Silver Dagger infiltrates Doctor Strange's Sanctum, stabs him in the back with a mystical dagger and makes off with the Eye of Agamotto and Clea. Doctor Strange survives the attack, attempts to use the Orb of Agamotto but is transported to the Land of Agamotto which is very similar in appearance to Alice in Wonderland. Very Strange indeed...

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  1. Not typically as big a fan of Brunner on Strange as I was of Ditko or Colan (preferring stark surrealism like Streanko to lush settings with the monster-of-the-week stories..), but I HAD to grab this premiere ish..

    Just a gorgeous cover, great interiors.