Thursday, 12 May 2011

Ravens & Rainbows, No. 1

Written, Pencilled, Inked and Cover Art by - Jeffrey Jones

There are all sorts of reasons I might pick up a comic and even more why I might actually decide to buy it. For this particular comic I was first attracted to it because it was published by Pacific Comics; I've previously mentioned that PC comics are always worth checking out due to the quality of the printing. Secondly, the art is stunning (although I'm not a huge fan of the cover), Jeffrey Jones (more recently Jeffrey 'Catherine' Jones) could probably be considered as the least commercially successful of her peers.

(L-R) Bernie Wrightson, Jeff Jones, Michael Kaluta and Barry Windsor-Smith

Published in December 1983, Ravens & Rainbows is a collection of Jeff Jones' work, including a portfolio containing images that had never previously been published in colour. The actual stories in this comic are a little hit and miss, I prefer the one page strips over the longer stories; but for me this comic is all about the art.

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