Sunday, 29 May 2011

Vanguard Illustrated, No. 3

Vanguard Illustrated no.3 is from 1983 and was published by Pacific Comics. Within, there are four stories;

1. Freakwave (part 3)
Written by - Brendan McCarthy, Peter Milligan
Pencils, Ink, Colours and Letters by - Brendan McCarthy

2. Duel With Dorf Dishware [Encyclopaedia Part 3]
Written by - Mike Baron
Pencils & Inks - Steve Rude
Colours - Phil Phillipson
Letters - Cody

3. Killer In Orbit
Written by, Pencils, Inks - Rex Lindsey
Colours - Daryl Isaacs

4. Be It What It Will, I'll Go To It Laughing
Written by - David Campiti
Pencils & Inks - Tom Yeates
Colours - Marcus David
Letters - Tim Harkins

Again, as previously mentioned, the colour reproduction and printing quality is excellent, as are all PC comics.

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