Thursday, 31 March 2011

Captain America and The Falcon, No. 186

Thought I'd sneak in a quick post before the month is out (just 10 mins to go looking at the time, I need to go to bed...) I think I'm going to have a little change of pace throughout April, still posting up old comics, but also some different stuff too, stay tuned! 

This issue from June 1975 again features another great cover by Gil Kane and Frank Giacoia. Earlier in the month I posted up issue 189, but again for the same reasons, I want to share this issue mainly down to Frank Robbins' pencil work; I really do like his stuff! This issue also marks the end of writer, Steve Englehart's, significant run on this issue from number 153.

Anyway, the basic plot behind this issue sees The Red Skull reveal to Captain America that Sam Wilson (The Falcon) was once a criminal called 'Snap Wilson' who The Red Skull created by using the 'Cosmic Cube'. Therefore The Falcon is under The Red Skull's command and is made to fight The Cap' to the finish. The Cap' is left with the decision on whether he should decapitate his friend using his shield.

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