Sunday, 20 March 2011

Marvel Team-Up: Spider-Man & Ghost Rider, No. 58

This Marvel Team-Up is from June 1977 and features a fantastic cover by Al Milgrom. In this issue Johnny Blaze (Ghost Rider) is currently filming a stunt for the Stuntmaster television series which also happens to be on the same street that Peter Parker lives. The villian in this issue is 'The Trapster' who interfere's in the stunt; Mary Jane is injured and Peter slips away to return as Spiderman and save Ghost Rider. Following this, The Trapster delivers the unsettling line "You ain't gonna think life's so funny pal... Once I've covered you in paste!" (hmm...) as he kidnaps Spider-Man. Ghost Rider follows in hot pursuit which leads to the inevitable final showdown.

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