Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Manhunter 2070, No. 93

Written by: Mike Sekowsky
Pencils by: Mike Sekowsky
Ink by: Frank Giacoia
Cover Art by: Dick Giordano & Mike Sekowsky

DC's Showcase series ran from March 1956 and finished in September 1970 with this issue, #93. The series was a way for DC to test out new characters to gauge reader interest before committing them to a bigger story. Manhunter 2070 was created by writer and artist Mike Sekowsky and first appeared in issues #91 - #93 of Showcase. It tells the story of Starker, who father in the year 2053 was murdered by space pirates and so the young Starker was taken as a galley slave. Starker took control of the pirate vessel and collected a bounty for the capture of the pirates. From this moment on he decided that he would become a bounty hunter, aided by a robot named Arky.

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