Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Forbidden Worlds, No. 131

Forbidden Worlds #131 is a collection of different tales from October 1965 and is published by ACG (American Comics Group). The cover art is signed by Pete Costanza, however, Kurt Schaffenberger claimed in a letter in 1998 that many covers at ACG were both penciled and inked by him. They were signed by Costanza because DC editor Mort Weisinger (whom Scaffenberger was working for on the Superman Family series at the time) didn't want him drawing covers for other companies.

Pirate Peril!

Written by - Zev Zimmer (Richard E. Hughes)
Pencils & Inks - Pete Costanza

This is the first story and features Tom Cargill who is on holiday at a seaside town in New England. Whilst there he meets Dr. Oswald, a psychic researcher who summons the ghosts of a pirate crew that wreak havoc until they are stopped by Magicman.

Two Weeks With Pay

Written by - Richard E. Hughes
Pencils & Inks - Emil Gershwin

This is a re-print of a story originally titled 'Mr Hobbs' Vacation' from 1959 in 'Adventures Into The Unknown', also published by ACG. Hobbs always makes up wild stories about his holidays that nobody ever believes; this year he is captured by aliens but on returning to work he doesn't say a word about it.

The Four-Fingered Hand!

Written by - Richard E. Hughes
Pencils & Inks - Chic Stone

This is perhaps my favourite story in this issue as it features both Attila the Hun and Adolf Hitler that shows how throughout history a strange talisman is found on dead evildoers.

Master Of His Fate

Written by - Ace Aquila (Richard E. Hughes)
Pencils & Inks - Edd Ashe

The final story in the collection tells of how Cyrus Robroy insisted to everyone that he controls his own destiny, but the Gods, amused by his own arrogance, have other ideas.

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