Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Flash, No. 195

Written by - Robert Kanigher / Mike Friedrich
Pencils by - Gil Kane
Inks by - Murphy Anderson / Vince Colletta
Cover Art by - Neal Adams

Bizarre issue of 'The Flash' no.195 from March 1970 in which we see our hero in two stories of equally strange proportions... The first is entitled "Fugitive From Blind Justice" which see's the Flash being saved from a mobster's bullets by a dog(!), The Flash then has to prevent the dog from being executed for murder... And the second story is entitled; 'I Open My Mouth... But I Can't Scream!' in which the Flash must overcome his life-long fear of roller-coasters to save some punters from an accident due to a sprung track... So March 1970 must have been an 'interesting' month at the DC headquarters if these plots are anything to go by...

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