Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Iron Man & Captain America, No. 72

Tales of Suspense number 72 is from 1965 and contains two stories featuring Iron Man and Captain America respectively; the cover art is by legend Jack Kirby (Nazi robots, nice...)

Hoorah For The Conquering Hero!

This is the first story in the comic and follows Iron Man as he returns to America from battle with Titanium Man. Tony Stark is kidnapped by the Awesome Android and taken to the Mad Thinker's lair who has in turn been hired by Countess Stephanie De La Spiroza as she seeks revenge for being spurned by Tony.

The Sleeper Shall Awake!

The second story features Captain America and appearances by Avengers; Hawkeye (a personal favourite), Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Cap thinks back to the 2nd World War and remembers when the Red Skull, on his death bed, had told Cap that 20 years after the wars end, three Nazi sleeper agents would awaken and restart the Third Reich all over again. That date is now almost upon him...

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