Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Justice League Of America (part 1), No. 78

Written by - Dennis O'Neil
Pencils - Dick Dillin
Ink - Joe Giella
Cover Art - Gil Kane

Issue 78 of 'Justice League of America' (or JLA) was first published in February 1970 and is the first part of a two part story entitled 'The Coming of the Doomsters!". This issue is significant in that it features first appearances by 'Vigilante' (Gregory Sanders) the expert marksman, and 'The Justice League Satellite I'; a geosynchronous space station satellite headquarters, located 22,300 miles above the equator.

The people of the Earth are becoming sick from smoke inhalation from a rapid increase in pollution and the JLA are being accused of deserting the planet they are sworn to protect. Green Arrow is on patrol in Star City when he spots a security guard trying to stop some crooks; he fires a flaming arrow which accidentally sets the nearby river on fire due to it being full of chemicals. Superman and Green Lantern arrive on the scene to provide some assistance. The crooks are actually the security guards employers and the security guard is the one and only retired super-hero 'Vigilante'. He later reveals that he took the job as security guard as he suspected that the company's sole purpose was to produce pollution and his snooping around turned him into a target from his employers. Atom, Black Canary, Batman and Vigilante find their way into the factory but are knocked out with gas and suspended over a vat of highly toxic chemicals. The leader of this operation looks on as our hero's are lowered towards their certain doom...

To be continued.

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