Thursday, 3 March 2011

Justice League Of America (part 2), No. 79

Written by - Dennis O'Neil
Pencils - Dick Dillin
Ink - Joe Giella
Cover Art - Neal Adams

Following on from the previous post here's part two of the JLA's encounter with the 'Doomsters' entitled 'Come Slowly Death, Come Slyly!', which is from issue 79, March 1970. At the start of this issue Green Arrow arrives on the scene just in time to rescue Batman, Black Canary, Atom and Vigilante who are moments away from having their heads melted off in a vat of acid. Superman and Green Lantern are visiting a planet called Monson, where they find the only survivor who is barely alive. He explains that the planet has been ravaged by it's previous inhabitants, led by 'Chokh', and that most of the people died due to the high levels of pollution created; but only a lucky few were treated to a form of radiation which allowed them to thrive in such conditions. Their plan now was to find yet another planet and destroy it with pollution so as to make it habitable for them - Earth.

Hawkman, who is aboard the JLA Satellite, gets in to the Thanagarian shuttle and chases after the alien's escape ship. However, the aliens shoot down Hawkman's ship and leave him to die in space. The aliens then threaten to drop pollution bombs all over the globe, Superman and Green Lantern return from Monson just in time to save Hawkman. Superman and Green Lantern then board the aliens craft and begin to attack them, whilst this is taking place the alien leader 'Chokh' escapes and manages to board the JLA's satellite. He takes Black Canary hostage but is defeated when Atom Man shrinks down and is able to get close enough to remove Chokh's mask; thus causing him to suffocate on fresh air.

The end of the story sees Green Arrow trying to 'work his magic' on the Black Canary who refuses his advances due to her still mourning the loss of her dead husband. They sit and watch a smoke stack pump pollution into the atmosphere and wonder whether they really managed to accomplish anything at all.

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